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New Hampshire Company Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Counterfeit Patriots Playoff T-Shirts

BOSTON – A New Hampshire company pleaded guilty today in federal court in Boston to trafficking counterfeit New England Patriots AFC Championship and Super Bowl t-shirts during the 2015 NFL playoffs. CK Productions, Inc., based in Pelham, N.H., pleaded guilty … Continue reading

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It’s OK in Sweden to require health care professionals to participate in abortions as a condition of employment. More… Ellen Kolb | Leaven for the Loaf Get Your New Media Militia updates on Facebook or Twitter

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Survey Says New Hampshire is Second-Worst State for Millennials

New Hampshire’s struggles at keeping and attracting young people is well known, but it turns out it’s the second-worst state for Millennials. At least that’s the result of a survey released Thursday by Moneyrates.com. The survey, which compared all of … Continue reading

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Trump Frees States To Deny Funding to Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump privately signed a bill on Thursday that allows states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortion services, including Planned Parenthood, a group frequently targeted by Republicans. The bill, which the usually camera-friendly President signed without … Continue reading

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New England Nightmare: Small Seasonal Businesses Desperate for Workers

Yesterday, on one of the first warm days of the spring season, Steve Faulkner was busy gearing up for peak season in the landscaping industry in New Hampshire. Faulkner owns Faulkner Landscaping and Nursery in Hooksett. While Faulkner should be … Continue reading

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US Drops the “Mother of all Bombs” on ISIS

The US military has dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal on an Islamic State group tunnel complex in Afghanistan, the Pentagon says. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), known as “the mother of all bombs”, was … Continue reading

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China Kicks North Korean Coal to the Curb, Buys it From America Instead

China is banning shipments of coal from North Korea because of last week’s missile test and has made up the shortfall by importing more coal from the United States.  … Reuters first reported Tuesday that China’s customs department ordered all … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Senate Rewrites Decriminalization Bill to Suit Law Enforcement’s Agenda

Last month, the New Hampshire House passed a bill that aimed to decriminalize possession of an ounce or less of cannabis – as well as up to five grams of hashish. The bill passed with a vote of 318-36, and … Continue reading

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SNHU Pulls Ads from O’Reilly Factor

If Sexual Harassment is really a concern they might want to stop advertising on TV altogether. Southern New Hampshire University said it pulled its advertising from Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News TV show after receiving requests from students. “We’ve received positive … Continue reading

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How HUD’s AFFH Affects New Hampshire!

If you have already had your town meetings (some may not have) you may have noticed items on the ballot that came directly from the town’s “master plan”. Many of the ideas and goals put forth in the “master plan” … Continue reading

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