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Trump supporter speaks out about campus experiences

Colin Raffio, a UNH junior finance major with a political science minor, had just finished his lunch at Holloway Commons on an early fall day when he started making his way toward the exit. Upon reaching the stairs, he noticed … Continue reading

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Democratic Hypocrisy and Advertisement Regulations

Rich started the hour by sharing his frustration over the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy in ignoring local control when trying to tell school districts what to do and shared about the heat that President Donald Trump is feeling regarding his decision … Continue reading

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Lynch and Gregg: Why casino gambling is wrong for NH

For more than 40 years New Hampshire Legislatures have debated the merits of legalizing casino gambling, and for 40 years they have rejected it. On May 4, when it next convenes, the New Hampshire House will debate and vote on … Continue reading

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Family Prosperity by the Numbers

For the most part, I endorse Thomas Carlyle’s description of economics as the dismal science. I have to add the “most part” qualifier after meeting and working with an economist who with her husband – also an economist – has … Continue reading

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Texas prepares to begin locking up leaders in sanctuary cities

While many other states, particularly California, are seeking out new ways to “fight Trump” and defy the enforcement of immigration law, Texas is taking a decidedly different approach. Out in the Lone Star State, Republicans are moving forward with a … Continue reading

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Trump tax plan would hit blue states hardest

President Trump’s plan to overhaul the federal tax code threatens to fall disproportionately on residents of liberal-leaning states, a short-term boost for state governments that could turn into a long-term drag. Most states have tied their tax codes closely to … Continue reading

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Joe Barton is Back (In the Republican State Committee) – With Honors

In January, Joe Barton was booted from the Republican State Committee. Next month, he will receive one of the party’s prestigious Norris Cotton awards. … In late February, new party chair Jeanie Forrester rescinded Barton’s suspension. “Our goal is to … Continue reading

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Authorities still seek info on bodies found in barrels

ALLENSTOWN, N.H. (AP) — Local, state and federal law enforcement officers are still searching for clues in a New Hampshire town where two barrels containing four bodies were found years ago. WMUR-TV (http://bit.ly/2q9U7m4 ) reports authorities searched the woods of … Continue reading

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Zandra Stalks NH Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut

Progressive Zandra Rice Hawkins of out-of-state funded Granite State Progress will be stalking NH Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut at his town hall tomorrow.  If you can, stop by and take pictures and video of Zandra making a fool of herself, … Continue reading

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Trump ‘absolutely’ considered breaking up 9th Circuit Court

President Donald Trump has “absolutely” considered proposals that would break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — the federal appeals court that ruled against his travel ban — he said Wednesday. Congress is currently considering legislation that would break … Continue reading

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