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New Hampshire school administrator arrested at North Shore strip club…

The dean of students at a New Hampshire high school is facing charges after he allegedly got too close to dancers at a Salisbury, Massachusetts strip club, entered the club’s women’s room and struggled with police officers who attempted to handcuff … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren turns on Obama

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she is “troubled” by former President Barack Obama’s decision to give a Wall Street speech for $400,000 this year. An interview between Ms. Warren and Sirius XM’s “Alter Family Politics” on Thursday addressed Mr. Obama’s … Continue reading

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UNH Employees Cannot Appropriate University Resources to Express Partisan Political Views

The New Hampshire, the UNH system student newspaper, is reporting on a dust-up over some posters displayed on a wall at the Memorial Union Building (MUB). The ‘We the people’ posters were placed by an employee without MUB management approval. While the article … Continue reading

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From the “It’s settled SCIENCE!” folder – Higher Sodium Actually Equals Lower Blood Pressure

Higher sodium intake associated with lower blood pressure. You read that right. Wait.  WHAT??  You mean I have deprived myself (except on French fries and corn on the cob) all these years for nothing (reformatted, emphasis mine)? In another blow … Continue reading

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Officials say drought is mostly over in New Hampshire

The drought is mostly gone and so are most – but not all – restrictions on water usage. As the official drought designation in most of the state improved this month to “abnormally dry,” Concord, which uses Penacook Lake for … Continue reading

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Trump order could open California coast, Arctic to new oil and gas drilling

President Donald Trump on Friday is expected to sign an executive order that could open large parts of the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans to new oil and gas drilling, a prospect that elicited a fierce backlash in California and … Continue reading

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Because You’re Stupid? NH-DOT Video on How To Use A Roundabout

The two-lane roundabout in Lee, New Hampshire at the intersection of US Route 4 and NH Route 125 was constructed to solve traffic congestion and address safety issues. Roundabouts are often used at intersections to efficiently manage competing traffic volumes. Roundabouts can manage traffic more efficiently than comparably sized signalized intersections because they allow conflicting traffic to move concurrently. Script Continues… | NH DOT Video Here Get Updates on Twitter @NewMediaMilitia or @nhstevemacd

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