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Why can’t the Clintons just go away?

Hillary’s Twitter feed indicates that she’s learned nothing. She posts about social issues and identity politics through the prism of her loss. She remains woefully out of touch and she still doesn’t get what her husband did way back in … Continue reading

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Psychological Profiling NH Students: Parents BEWARE!

What if you found out that your school district was performing psychological evaluations on your children and entering that information into a database in an effort to develop a psychological profile on your child?  What if you were not notified … Continue reading

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Rare Copy of Declaration of Independence Discovered in England

One of the greatest pieces of writings in history has a second copy…in England. Harvard University researcher Emily Sneff came across it back in 2015 when she searched for the Declaration of Independence in Britain. She found something in a … Continue reading

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Keeping The Public in the Dark

Rich started the hour by giving the listeners an update on the cell tower controversy that occurred in Bedford.  He and Jacob (Fred the Intern) then discussed communities within the Granite State which tend to keep the public in the … Continue reading

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Sununu signs bill for General John Stark Day

Today is the last time that Gen. John Stark Day will be observed on the fourth Monday in April. Gov. Chris Sununu, R-Newfields, signed a bill into law earlier this month that changes the General Stark observance to the second … Continue reading

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North Korea Threatens To Sink U.S. Carrier; China Urges Restraint

North Korea could reduce a U.S. strike force to a sea wreck if it’s provoked, the country’s propaganda outlets said Monday, adding to tensions on the Korean Peninsula. With the threat of a nuclear test in North Korea looming and … Continue reading

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Sununu backs bill strengthening rape shield law

Gov. Chris Sununu is voicing his support for legislation to strengthen New Hampshire’s rape shield law amid concerns that House lawmakers may try to water it down. More… | AP Please Like and Share New Media Militia Links on Facebook

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Summit to explore labor shortage solution: older workers

New Hampshire is not alone when it comes to its workforce challenges. In fact, the Granite State’s two northern New England neighbors are experiencing the same difficulties, many of them related to demographics. Now, with Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont … Continue reading

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Hassan: Trump budget threatens clean energy

Sen. Maggie Hassan told ReVision Energy employees Monday morning that the clean energy economy is possibly under threat, based on proposed budget blueprints by President Donald Trump.Hassan took the morning to tour the ReVision facility, hear concerns of employees and … Continue reading

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Nine UNH Counselors Resign over “Toxic Work Environment”

Nine members of the UNH Counseling Center have resigned throughout the current academic year after the retirement of Former Director Dr. David Cross in June 2016. According to two previous counselors, their resignations were influenced by a “toxic” work environment … Continue reading

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