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Right To Know – when Government turns on the Citizens that own it

When the [Belknap County] Delegation voted in secret, the 91-A demand was given, and the Delegation refused.  It eventually went to court where Doug and Tom, pro se (acting as their own lawyers), were victorious and proved that the “Peoples’ … Continue reading

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When Transparency Really Means Tyranny

When you hear the word “transparency,” what comes to mind? Maybe words like openness, honesty, and clarity—but that’s not what “transparency” means to progressives. To them, it means “Exposing, shaming, and (hopefully) ruining the careers and income of people who … Continue reading

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CNHT Meets with Africans, Venezuelans

On Tuesday May 23 fro 3-4:00 PM, Chairman Ed Naile met at our Concord office with six representatives from various organizations in Venezuela about transparency in NH municipal government. From 4-5:00 PM he met with six representatives from various countries … Continue reading

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Keeping The Public in the Dark

Rich started the hour by giving the listeners an update on the cell tower controversy that occurred in Bedford.  He and Jacob (Fred the Intern) then discussed communities within the Granite State which tend to keep the public in the … Continue reading

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