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Handy Definintions for People Who Debate Liberals

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New Hampshire ranks lowest for seat belt use (I wonder why?)

Three New England states are among the bottom 10 nationally for percentage of seat belt usage last year, according to a chart tweeted by the Massachusetts Highway Safety Division this week. New Hampshire ranked last (70.2 percent), Massachusetts ranked 46th … Continue reading

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Steve Forster Has Friends Over – Neighbor Tattles to Town

Do you want to live in a town where government officials tell you who can come and enjoy your property? That is exactly what (Henniker) Town Administrator Trovato wrote to Mr. Forster in a letter dated September 1, 2015. Letter … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Sorority Reports Obscene Message, Possible Burglary

On May 24 at around 7:50 p.m., Safety and Security responded to a report of a possible burglary, according to a campus-wide Safety and Security alert sent Wednesday night. An obscene message threatening sexual violence was left at a sorority … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Bails on St. Johnsbury Commencement Speech to Hawk His Book

Dan McLean, in Sanders’ office, said initially when contacted only that Sanders was “traveling” and unable to get to St. Johnsbury for the graduation. In a follow-up conversation seeking additional details, McLean said Sanders will be in Europe beginning mid-week … Continue reading

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Atkinson man faces sexual assault charges

Londonderry police said they arrested a man Friday night on several sexual assault-related charges after going to serve him a warrant. Police said Derick Alexander Spath, 42, of 30 Steeple View Drive in Atkinson, was arrested just before 7 p.m. … Continue reading

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Putting Some Perspective On the Democrat Win in Wolfeboro, NH

The epic inspirational “flip” in Wolfeboro was a 51% to 49% victory with 811 votes for the Democrat and 755 for the Republican. That’s 56 votes in a town that cast 4,395 ballots last November and only 1566 last week. … Continue reading

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School Choice for NH: Another Strike Against the Blaine Amendment

On Friday afternoon right before the holiday weekend, the Institute for Justice declared another major victory for school choice. They represented several Montana families against the state Department of Revenue in a case involving a tax-credit scholarship program. This win … Continue reading

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My Turn: How liberals discuss politics

I recently had a pleasant discussion with a friend, whom I’ll call Tim. I mentioned to him that I’d written a newspaper column stating that the 2008 credit crisis had been caused by wretched federal government policies. The discussion immediately … Continue reading

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Remembering Memorial Day and the Importance of Civics Education

Rich started by talking about the show’s plans for the upcoming Memorial Day.  He told the listeners his opinion that we have become a culture that doesn’t know how to reflect on its significance and spoke about the importance of … Continue reading

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