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‘Last Man Standing’ may not be dead after all

Last Man Standing may get a second lease of life, following its cancellation at ABC. Executives at 20th Century Fox Television, the studio behind the Tim Allen-starring sitcom, confirmed to Variety today that they will seek a new home for … Continue reading

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Nashua: Kellyanne Conway tells Trump’s supporters to ignore critics

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway has told supporters in New Hampshire they should “just ignore” his critics and the incessant chatter about the scandals dogging him. Conway was guest speaker Thursday at the fundraising Spring … Continue reading

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Real Planned Parenthood Quote: ‘It’s Our Responsibility to Use Our Superpowers to Slay’

For an organization whose affiliates perform over 300,000 abortions per year to advocate using “superpowers to slay” seems ironically fitting, but not very flattering to Planned Parenthood. Naturally, the site did not explain exactly what it meant by “slaying” and … Continue reading

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The Nightmares and the Realities of Never Trump

Introspection is not advice to withhold criticism when Trump exhibits his character flaws, but a call to at least appreciate the tragic situation that half the country finds itself in: a flawed character has a better chance of enacting key … Continue reading

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Does the Minimum Wage Prevent Poverty?

| Prager U

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U. Hawaii Prof Demands White Men Quit Their Jobs

A University of Hawaii math professor has urged every white man to quit their job or take a demotion and deemed those who disagree with her proposition as racist, sexist and transphobic. Piper Harron, an assistant professor at the University … Continue reading

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Governor Jerry Brown calls California taxpayers “freeloaders”

The last time we checked on Crazy California, many of its taxpayers were rebelling against the legislature-created gas tax and were mounting a recall challenge against one of the Democrats who made that hike possible. During a speech in Orange … Continue reading

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