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New Hampshire man arrested in Wareham with 3 pounds of marijuana

WAREHAM – Police arrested a New Hampshire man with three pounds of marijuana Monday night on a charge of possession of a class D substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute. Police said patrol officers responded to Pond Edge Trail in … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: “Dangerous Woman” Meets Dangerous Man

Excerpt from Mark Steyn on the Terror attack in Manchester, England, yesterday. “Carrying on exactly as before”, as The Independent advises, will not be possible. A few months ago, I was in Toulouse, where Jewish life has vanished from public … Continue reading

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Video Exposes Another Planned Parenthood Double Standard

In two especially chilling moments, Planned Parenthood staffers tell women who are looking for an ultrasound that they don’t do ultrasounds unless the clinic is about to take the baby’s life through abortion. More… | The Federalist

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UK police name concert bomber, hunt for accomplices

Manchester police chief Ian Hopkins identified the bombing suspect as 22-year-old Salman Abedi. British election rolls listed Abedi as living at a modest red brick semi-detached house in a mixed suburb of Manchester where police performed a controlled explosion Tuesday … Continue reading

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Why Millennial Women Want to Date Older Men

There have never been more advantages to relationships with older men, precisely because Tinder and its ilk have made dating feel impossible to those of us who don’t want to participate in the battle of who-cares-less. Reach back two decades … Continue reading

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Statewide expansion of Coos tax break goes to governor’s desk

The tax break available to developers in Coos County will be spread throughout the state if House Bill 316 is signed into law by Gov. Chris Sununu. The Senate on May 18 narrowly approved the bill, which would give towns and … Continue reading

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Salem lifts water ban after public outcry

SALEM, N.H. — After nearly a year of restrictions, residents are now free to water their lawns and cars anytime they please. In the midst of last year’s drought, the town enacted several water restrictions. But with the announcement earlier … Continue reading

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I am fed up!

I have never, ever, ever seen such hyperbole in my entire life of watching this sordid melodrama called Washington, D.C., play itself out on the world stage. The cacophony is shaking the rafters. It is almost impossible to hear oneself … Continue reading

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Today’s media makes me ashamed

Ever since 9Watergate), j-schools have been churning out a stream of Ahabs hoping to harpoon every Great White Republican Male Whale that crosses their paths. In collaboration with their Democrat allies, the mainstream media have devoted a good portion of … Continue reading

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SJW Discovers The Movement is Just Another Religious Cult

And speaking of Social Justice Warriors, here’s one who finally took a close look at the entire movement and decided it was nothing more than yet another religious cult, one becoming increasingly violent and dehumanizing, and decide it was time … Continue reading

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