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N.H. bill would give privacy protection against ISPs that federal government has rejected

Internet providers in New Hampshire would have to alert customers before selling information about their online practices under a proposal that seeks to replicate at the state level internet privacy regulations that were blocked by Congress last month. More… *| … Continue reading

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ACLU sues New Hampshire for rejecting hundreds of absentee ballots

The American Civil Liberties Union sued New Hampshire on Wednesday after the state invalidated the absentee ballots of hundreds of voters in the November 2016 election, including a blind woman, because of mismatched signatures, the civil rights group said. The … Continue reading

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Bill Nye is Part of the Great Divide

We are talking about millions of children influenced by this man. Of those millions of people, many are in positions of power themselves. He has a huge platform. He built it. He uses it. The thing that scares me is … Continue reading

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New Poll: New Hampshire Strongly Approves of Gov. Chris Sununu’s Job Performance

Republican Governor Chris Sununu is producing concrete results for New Hampshire and the people of his state are taking notice. A brand new University of New Hampshire poll gives Governor Sununu a strong 57% approval rating, while only a low … Continue reading

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Have You Seen Junior’s Psych Profile?

Imagine bringing your child in for a sore throat and having the doctor administer a psychological screening test—without your knowledge—while you are out of the room. I believe most parents would be uncomfortable with this scenario. Something similar is happening … Continue reading

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Ed Naile and a National Voter Integrity Group

Rich spoke to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, for A Question of Voter Fraud. After discussing his work with international delegations, Ed talked about the creation of a national voter integrity group. Finally, they spoke … Continue reading

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An invitation to readers, listeners and viewers… Announcing… The Mark Steyn Club!

So I’d like to invite longtime supporters of SteynOnline to become a Founding Member of our new Mark Steyn Club. Founder Membership isn’t for everyone, but it does ensure that all our content will be for everyone, and out there … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Man Sentenced for Trafficking Stolen Retail Debit Cards

A New Hampshire man was sentenced yesterday in federal court in Boston for trafficking in more than $350,000 in stolen retail gift cards. Khoa Doan, 34, of Manchester, was sentenced yesterday by U.S. District Court Senior Judge Mark L. Wolf to 12 … Continue reading

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Bipartisan Error: House Committee Rejects Fetal Homicide Bill, Then Sets it Aside

Rep. John Burt of the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice committee reported from the State House today that the committee “retained” SB 66, joining HB 156 in the pile of bills kicked aside for a vote in 2018. Before the … Continue reading

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UNH Prof’s Console Snowflakes Offended By Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

A dozen University of New Hampshire professors wrote a letter offering support to those who were hurt and offended by actions of some on campus who, the letter alleges, appropriated Mexican stereotypes while celebrating Cinco de Mayo on and around … Continue reading

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