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Children are More Than Test Scores

The House Education Committee recently held a public hearing on HB 1744, a bill that would empower parents with the ability to refuse their children’s participation in statewide assessments. No one spoke against the bill. The committee has not voted on … Continue reading

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NH Student Proficiency Continues to Slip in English and Math

The New Hampshire Department of Education released the 2017 Smarter Balanced Assessment results earlier this week. Like many other Common Core (aka College and Career Readiness Standards) states, proficiency scores slipped in English and Math across grades three through eight. Elementary students … Continue reading

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New Hampshire changes statewide assessment for students

New Hampshire students will take new statewide assessments this spring. The department of education announced Wednesday that it would contract with American Institutes for Research, a D.C.-based company, to test students in grades 3-8 and 11 in math, English language … Continue reading

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Have You Seen Junior’s Psych Profile?

Imagine bringing your child in for a sore throat and having the doctor administer a psychological screening test—without your knowledge—while you are out of the room. I believe most parents would be uncomfortable with this scenario. Something similar is happening … Continue reading

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WARNING to NH TEACHERS: Will you be evaluated on your students’ mental health?

The Common Core education reform required states to tie a teacher’s evaluation to standardized testing. This was done by the former Obama administration who used the power of the federal government to tell local school districts how to evaluate their teachers. … Continue reading

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