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VA medical center addresses NH’s carfentanil presence

MANCHESTER — Carfentanil has made its way into the community and is responsible for three overdose-related deaths in the state. Carfentanil is a synthetic opioid 100 times more potent than fentanyl. The tremendous strength of this drug has contributed to … Continue reading

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A Different Take on the Syrian Civil War – It’s About Oil and Gas

Me: From October 2015, but well worth a read. It suggests that the war in Syria is all about competing natural gas pipelines and the Geopolitical priorities of Qatar, Sauda Arabia, and Turkey vs. those of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and … Continue reading

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US House Passes Health Care Reform Bill

The U.S. House voted by a very narrow margin today to pass a health insurance act (H.R. 1628) which faces grim prospects over in the U.S. Senate. Among other reported provisions, the act passed today would prevent federal funds from … Continue reading

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Democrats ARE the ‘Rape Culture’ in New Hampshire

Today, New Hampshire Democrats and their far left wing extremist (paid) supporters are claiming that Republicans promote the ‘rape culture.’ This is extremely ironic since it’s New Hampshire Democrats who supported Bill Clinton who was not only accused of rape … Continue reading

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Full Day Kindergarten Could Still Be Stopped

The Full Day Kindergarten Bill passed the Senate and the House but must now go before the  NH House Finance Committee. It could, in theory, be stopped. Public Hearing: 05/09/2017 02:30 PM LOB 210-211 H/T | Rep. Keith Murphy

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NH House Passes Full Day Kindergarten Bill

CONCORD – The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 247 to 116 Thursday to pass a bill to fund full-day kindergarten. The House sent the $14 million legislation to its Finance Committee for review.   More… *| UL Follow the New Media … Continue reading

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On the Defeat of Casino Bill, SB 242 (2017)

The New Hampshire House has killed 2017’s version of a casino bill, voting “inexpedient to legislate” by an overwhelming 275-82 margin. More.. | Cornerstone     Also…| Casino Free NH Follow the New Media Militia on Facebook!

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NH State Supreme Court should decide how to divvy up $86m insurance surplus

A Superior Court judge is asking the New Hampshire Supreme Court to decide how best to divvy up at least $86 million in surplus to health care providers held by a quasi-public, medical malpractice insurance company that’s going out of … Continue reading

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Man to be sentenced for stealing dead man’s ID

A man who worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard took the identity of a dead man to pass security checks at the shipyard, entering it more than 30 times while working for a Massachusetts asbestos abatement company, according to court … Continue reading

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How Will NH ‘Deal With’ Self-Driving Cars?

Autonomous vehicles seem to be legal in New Hampshire, Volkwagen’s Barranco said, as they are in all states unless laws target them deliberately – Massachusetts is proposing certain restrictions – or accidentally, as in the case of New York state, … Continue reading

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