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State Using PUC and Eversource to Prop up The North Country

New Hampshire Business review has an enlightening–though not surprising–article today about how a PUC-approved contract from 2011 requires Eversource customers to prop up the NH timber industry and the Berlin Biomass Plant. More… | GraniteGrok

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N.H. Republicans, Democrats agree on need for special prosecutor in Russia investigation

One thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on these days is there’s too much drama coming out of the White House.Each day has brought a new bombshell since President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey a week ago. More… … Continue reading

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House Committee to Take Up Retained Bills Including Fetal Homicide

The New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee has scheduled a work session for Tuesday, May 23 on several retained bills, including two on fetal homicide (HB 156 and SB 66). Also on the agenda…More | Leaven for … Continue reading

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Statement by Speaker Shawn Jasper with regard to the resignation of Rep. Robert Fisher

“Rep. Robert Fisher has informed the House Clerk of his resignation from the NH House, effective at noon today. It is unfortunate that the debate surrounding his actions while serving in the House have detracted from the good things that … Continue reading

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Why do so few people care about losing their rights?

For many years I’ve been attempting to raise the alarm about the loss of our rights and our freedoms. You would expect that my posts would be met with outrage by my Facebook friends or Twitter followers, who should have … Continue reading

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Former Exeter High counselor indicted in sexual assault

BRENTWOOD — A former Exeter High School guidance counselor has been indicted on charges she sexually assaulted a female student. Kristie S. Torbick, 37, of Lee, was indicted this month by a Rockingham County grand jury on two counts of … Continue reading

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Murdered DNC Staffer Leaked 44,053 Emails to Wikileaks

The former D.C. police homicide detective told Fox News,  “I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the D.C. police or FBI headquarters.” When Fox 5 asked him if his … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Should Support the Massachusetts Soda Tax

Every jurisdiction that has imposed their progressive will in this manner has seen a drop in sales and jobs, which migrate just beyond the reach of said tax. I’m no geographer and I don’t play one on the internet, but … Continue reading

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Here is the latest in the 20-year effort to deny voter fraud in NH.

News flash! If you have a Nebraska driver’s license – you are a citizen of Nebraska. That is the same with any other state. You are not a New Hampshire citizen entitled to vote here until you abandon your previous … Continue reading

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One NH School Seeing a BIG Increase in Test Refusals by Parents

Every year more parents catch on that the standardized testing in New Hampshire does nothing to help their children academically. In fact, it actually takes time away from learning in the classroom. One New Hampshire district is seeing a big … Continue reading

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