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White cop files racism suit after ancestry test reveals he’s black

A white Michigan police officer who found out that he is 18 percent black has filed a discrimination lawsuit based on the persecution he suffered over his ancestry. Sgt. Cleon Brown has filed a suit against the city of Hastings, … Continue reading

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Nashua Woman accused of identity fraud may’ve used 6 aliases

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — A woman attempting to work with the city of Nashua, New Hampshire, as a volunteer grant writer has been charged with identity fraud and police are investigating the possibility that she’s used six aliases in a … Continue reading

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Remember those “Common Sense” Initiatives Chris Sununu Supported?

Six months ago, just before the last statewide election in New Hampshire, a concerned pro-life Republican elicited a letter from Chris Sununu listing some pro-life initiatives Sununu would back if he were elected governor. [The] number of those initiatives that … Continue reading

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Sununu and Unions – No agreement Yet on Wages, Benefits

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — As New Hampshire budget writers start making key decisions on a state spending plan, state employees and the governor’s office remain stalled in negotiations over wages and benefits. Of the unions that represent more than 10,000 … Continue reading

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Lyme Life…

Are you stuck in a rut? So many people are. I know a lot of people with chronic illness that have seasons of blah and seasons of exciting growth. I often wonder what makes the difference. Are they just lucky, … Continue reading

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Fisher Should Resign

I think Skyfall was the best Bond movie ever.  The recent reporting by Daily Beast asserting that Representative Robert Fisher remains involved with the infamous Red Pill forum reminds me of a scene from Skyfall in which the villain, Silva, hacks … Continue reading

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NH House panel recommends passage of bill to tighten voting identification requirements

The House Election Law Committee voted 11-9 that Senate Bill 3 ought to pass the full House when it goes to the floor, most likely on June 1. In the committee vote, all those who voted in favor of passage … Continue reading

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