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Democrats Lie About Gas Tax in California, Not Unexpectedly

I have been following the aftermath of the California legislature’s massive gas tax hike, which is slated to be implemented in January. The Democratic Party supermajority swore up-and-down that the new funds would totally go to road repair and the … Continue reading

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Judge overturns life without parole sentence for DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

WASHINGTON – A federal district court judge has overturned the sentence of Lee Boyd Malvo, one of the two people convicted in D.C.-area Beltway sniper attacks nearly 15 years ago, according to a ruling released Friday. Malvo was sentenced to … Continue reading

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NH Democrats Lying About the AHCA (Just Like They Lied About Obamacare)

Democrats lied repeatedly about Obamacare when they were trying to pass it.  The video below, for example, shows 36 instances when Obama lied about being able to keep your current healthcare plan.  Actually, Obamacare would have forced insurance companies to … Continue reading

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Gender Discrimination: Transgender Policy in Candia and Amherst

Rich talked to the listeners about a policy in Amherst, which is allowing a girl to join a boy’s sports team and dress with them in the locker room.  He also spoke about a controversy surrounding a Tweet from the Candia … Continue reading

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Nationally Funded Left-Wing Pressure Group Targets Candia, NH To Keep Transgender Policy

The Candia School Board is meeting on Thursday, June 1st and one of the items up for consideration is a change to the current ‘transgender policy.’ A policy that was hastily implemented when the Obama Administration was doing some social-justice … Continue reading

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Where ARE those “streets running in blood” that Zandra Rice-Hawkins and NH Association of Chiefs of Police PROMISED us?

(They) said that if we passed SB12, Constitutional Carry and that if the Chiefs no longer had the Power to give or deny permission, all hell would break loose.  Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, Concealed Carry – all a recipe … Continue reading

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School Administrators in NH Bullying Parents and Children on Testing

Every year we read or hear from parents about how their school administrators are misleading parents who refuse to let their children take the annual standardized test. Some administrators even resort to bullying parents and children. If you are concerned … Continue reading

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Stratham principal placed on leave amid investigation

STRATHAM — Thomas J. Fosher, the longtime principal of Stratham Memorial School, has been placed on paid leave while an investigation into “adult issues” is conducted, SAU 16 Superintendent Michael Morgan announced Friday. Morgan sent a notice to families and … Continue reading

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State Supreme Courts Continue to Try to Chip Away at FAA Preemption

“…recent decisions by the highest courts of North Carolina and New Hampshire provide examples of continued efforts by state courts to chip away at the preemptive effect of the FAA concerning the interpretation and enforcement of arbitration agreements and the … Continue reading

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What’s Funded in the Senate Finance Committee’s Budget?

The Senate Finance Committee finished crafting its version of the state budget on Wednesday. It largely resembles what Gov. Chris Sununu proposed in February, except for new business tax cuts and a multimillion dollar investment in mental health services. The … Continue reading

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