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Weirs Beach Parking Fee May Double

Parking fees in the Weirs Beach area will double to $1 an hour under a proposed ordinance change which will be the subject of a public hearing before the Laconia City Council when it meets on Monday, March 24.  More… … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Politics with John Burt – The Budget

Rep Hoell and Rep Burt talk about why the House of Representatives did not pass a State Budget for the first time in history. We talked about the Senate and what part the House will play in making a State … Continue reading

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Manchester schools settle discrimination suit

So a Sudanese Kid’s family gets $150K because hearings held after he assaulted someone were conducted in English? In May 2014, Akot’s father, Khamis Akot, filed a complaint with the federal Office of Civil Rights claiming that although the district … Continue reading

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Go to Bad Schools, Go to Prison: The Teacher Union’s Dirty Little Secret

Though derided by the teachers’ unions as an urban myth, experts in education and corrections have observed a correlation between reading proficiency in the third grade and incarceration. They do not yet use this data to project the number of … Continue reading

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“Green States” Overwhelmingly Have Higher Electric Rates

NH1 recently published a report by Wallet Hub ranking “how green states are” (including New Hampshire) using a pile of different metrics. Let’s compare it to States with high residential electric rates to see how they stacked up. More… | GraniteGrok … Continue reading

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Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide

Hernandez made a lot of money as a football player. Rather than spend more on lawyers did he decide to end his life to leave something for his family? Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence … Continue reading

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Charles Arlinghaus: Why Ronald Reagan is better than cheese

Real tax reform creates incentives and lowers marginal costs, rather than picking and choosing winners and losers among many self-interested potential giveaways. In looking for examples to follow, we should prefer Ronald Reagan to the problem of cheese. Every year, … Continue reading

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