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The U.S. can’t quit the Paris climate agreement, because it never actually joined

Some scholars have gone so far as to argue that the Paris agreement represents an exotic and previously unidentified species of international deal that does not have to be treated as a treaty. But even in this view, if Obama was … Continue reading

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Govt. worker doesn’t want to be filmed (Wilton, NH)

‘A Wilton, NH cop investigates reports of suspected-Ridley-filming-near-government-meeting. While he’s hidden in a nearby room interviewing witnesses, the first person he approached and questioned…decides to question me herself. ‘ | Ridley Report

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The News You Didn’t Hear: What Team Trump is getting done

Here is what Americans this week were told counted as “news”: Jared Kushner’s past meetings. Russians. James Comey’s upcoming testimony. Russians. Hillary Clinton’s latest conspiracy theories. Russians. Bob Mueller’s as-yet-nonexistent investigation (into Russians). Kathy Griffin, Mr. Met and, of course, … Continue reading

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Don’t Put Ground Wasp Nest On Your Vagina

An all-natural treatment for women looking to rejuvenate and tighten their vagina is giving doctors serious cause for concern – ground-up wasp nests. That’s right, some women are actually using oak galls – tree deformities caused by wasp nests – as an at-home remedy … Continue reading

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Uses Voice Changer To Call Law Firm Suing DNC – Forgets To Disable Caller ID

There was a hilarious filing with the court today in the lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee – in which Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a defendant… Attorney Elizabeth Lee Beck’s office received a call just before 5PM on Thursday from an individual who was apparently … Continue reading

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NH Climate Cult Parrots Repeat “Squawking” Points On Trump Dump of Paris Accords

Despite all the build up and all the pomp, it turned out to be nothing more than a theatrical presentation for the ignorant masses. A scheme meant to redistribute billions of dollars annually from the control of the people who … Continue reading

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Court Sides With NH Towns Over Utilities in Tax Dispute

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled against two utilities seeking to reduce their property taxes in dozens of towns across the state. Eversource and the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative sought tax abatements from a total … Continue reading

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Education Official Got Secret Cash Bonuses as Office Lost Billions to Fraud, Corruption

The senior Obama Education Department official who resigned this month to avoid testifying before Congress got hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses despite his well-documented failures, sources inside the agency tell Judicial Watch. The extra cash was kept off … Continue reading

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Suspected Fentanyl dealer in NH sentenced to 8-years in prison

CONCORD — An Ossipee man was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for his role in a conspiracy to possess Fentanyl with the intent to distribute. Court documents and statements made in court revealed that Jeffrey Lamarche, 39 of … Continue reading

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Nashua train derailment causes traffic delays, no injuries

Justin Kates, director of emergency management for the city of Nashua, says the Pan Am train came off the tracks in downtown Nashua around 1:45 p.m. Thursday. The train, including cars carrying sodium hydroxide and plastic pellets, did not fall … Continue reading

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