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New Company Helps Americans Flee Blue States to Largest Red State

Former Congressional candidate and Iraq veteran Paul Chabot can help you move from a blue state to the biggest red one. On May 23, Chabot announced on Twitter that he had started a company called Conservative Move to help those … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: Getting Used to It

The inertia in today’s Britain seems telling. We are, as the French Prime Minister and the London Mayor and other eminences have advised, getting used to it. Terror doesn’t appear (from this distance) to have played much part in the … Continue reading

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NH State Police conducting sobriety checkpoint in Lakes Region …

NEW HAMPTON — The New Hampshire State Police will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint in the town of New Hampton beginning Friday. In a continued effort to decrease the incidents of drinking and driving, the State Police said they were … Continue reading

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The Interstate Crosscheck Program: Tracking Large-Scale Voter Fraud

Rich and Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, began the segment by talking about budgetary issues within the Manchester School District and discussing the performance of Superintendent Bolgen Vargas.  They then transitioned to voter fraud issues, … Continue reading

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NH Governor Signs Bill Protecting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency From Regulation!

On Friday, New Hampshire’s new governor John Sununu signed a bill, HB 436, which makes NH the first state to explicitly protect cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from regulation! This is a historic day and this move clearly positions New Hampshire as … Continue reading

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Chief Willard: Addressing panhandling within the city of Manchester.

Let me begin by saying that not every challenge is easily resolved. When it comes to panhandling in our city this sentiment holds true. A good police department is responsive to the needs of the community it serves, and all … Continue reading

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2 New Hampshire men accused of having child pornography photos

The New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force arrested two men accused of possessing child pornography images. Keene police arrested Benjamin Gagnon, 33, of Keene, on June 6. Police, along with the ICAC Task Force conducted a search of … Continue reading

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The 3 State with the Lowest Violent Crime Rates in the US all Have Constitutional Carry

The Three states with the lowest violent crime rate in the United States are Vermont (1), Maine (2), and New Hampshire (3). They have something else in common. They all have constitutional carry. More… | GraniteGrok

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“Pardon Jerry DeLemus” Letter to AG Jeff Sessions

We ask for your support to appeal for a pardon for Jerry DeLemus.  We’ve joined efforts to seek a PARDON FOR JERRY DELEMUS from what we consider an unjust court decision in the Cliven Bundy federal case.  Below is a sample letter for you to send … Continue reading

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House easily passes biomass industry-backed energy bill

“When the state mandates the purchase of a certain kind of energy, like biomass, at an over-market rate, they’re not making the cost per kilowatt-hour go down. It will go up. This is exactly the opposite of what’s needed to … Continue reading

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