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California’s Latest Effort To Thwart ICE Is A Doozy

California is currently struggling with yet another budget deadline and the legislature has sent a bill to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown which takes care of a few bits of housekeeping on that front. Along with the usual tax … Continue reading

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48% of respondents said that they aren’t sure where chocolate milk comes from

Milk is such a presence in our lives we probably take it for granted. Thank goodness, then, for today, World Milk Day — one of those weird food holidays which are sometimes invented by interest groups to push a certain … Continue reading

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9 Times the Radicalized Left Engaged in Violence in the Trump Era

Wednesday’s attempted baseball massacre by alleged shooter James Hodgkinson appears to be just the latest in a series of violent outbursts from the Left. Here’s a list of just some of those incidents to highlight a boiling climate of hate that … Continue reading

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It May Be Loretta Lynch’s Turn To Be Investigated

After James Comey’s June 8 testimony, it seems the GOP have taken notice of more than just the former FBI director’s discomfort with President Trump. Republican senators feel it might be time to haul in former Attorney General Loretta Lynch … Continue reading

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Students Involved in SUNY Albany Hate Crime Hoax Get Three Years Probation

Asha Burwell and Ariel Agudio, two of the three women who fabricated a crime in which they were allegedly beaten by ’20 white people’ because of the color of their skin, were sentenced to 200 hours of community service, 3 … Continue reading

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Scott Adams talks about radicalizing domestic terrorists through the media.

Scott Adams talks about radicalizing domestic terrorists through the media. https://t.co/WmcrkIoxq0 — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) June 18, 2017 Click the text under the blank area. Scott Adams – Twitter H/T Victoria Sullivan

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Questions the GOP Executive Councilors Should Ask Harriet Miers, er Bobbie Hantz Marconi, But Won’t

The Executive Council, which must confirm the nomination, will hold a “public hearing” on the nomination.  Unlike hearings before the United States Senate, where a finite number of witnesses are called by each Party, the “public hearing” held by the … Continue reading

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