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Manchester police stun Northfield man after chase involving stolen truck

MANCHESTER – A Northfield man accused of leading police on a chase in a stolen truck and then attempting to flee on foot had to be subdued with a stun gun, police said Monday. Eric Sleeper, 46, was arrested Friday … Continue reading

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The Somnambulism Defense: The Sleepwalking Murderer of Pembroke

Doubtless many people are murdered in their sleep. But its not often the would-be murderer is asleep, too, suffering from somnambulism. But that was the case in 1833 in Pembroke, N.H., or at least that’s what everyone believed. It was … Continue reading

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Volinsky’s Rules …

After some “light reading,” I believe I have uncovered Executive Councilor Andru Volinsly’s Rules for governing New Hampshire. I could call them Volinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which is more clever, but this list is standard Democrat party fare, and more … Continue reading

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Rowley man, accused of flashing neighbors, is moving to New Hampshire

A Perley Avenue man accused of repeatedly flashing his neighbors from his own property is moving, according to his attorney. Michael McConaghy, 68, was in Newburyport District Court on Thursday and admitted that a judge could find him guilty of … Continue reading

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NH GOP chair rips Democratic state rep/alderman facing charges

NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester released a statement Friday saying at the very least Democratic candidates in the city should ask Thomas Katsiantonis, 44, of Manchester, who is also an alderman, to refrain from participating in matters that affect taxpayers. … Continue reading

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Union Greed in the Queen City

Rich starts off the discussion with the new negotiations for the Firefighters contract in Manchester. He discussed all of the different benefits that come along with being a firefighter in the Queen City, including the Cost of Living Adjustment and … Continue reading

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SNAP! – Cook County Exempts Food Stamps From Soda Tax

Cook County in Illinois, home to Chicago, has decided that its soda tax will not apply to food stamps. Purchases made with food stamps cannot have state and local taxes tacked onto them, according to federal law. Cook County tried … Continue reading

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