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EPA studies NH policy to decide how to nanny dentists about mercury

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is promulgating technology-based pretreatment standards under the Clean Water Act to reduce discharges of mercury from dental offices into municipal sewage treatment plants known as publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). This final rule requires dental … Continue reading

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So, Joe Sweeney is Going to Resign As Chair of the New Hampshire Young Republicans?

Joe Sweeney, as chair of the New Hampshire Young Republicans, has a seat on the New Hampshire Republican State Party Executive Committee (EC). Less than a week ago the NHGOP hired him as deputy Political director. The NHGOP By-Laws prohibit voting … Continue reading

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Farmington state rep says he’s not racist

A Farmington state representative says allegations that he made racist remarks during a House Education Committee session are “ridiculous” and categorically false. Rep. Joe Pitre, R-Farmington, came under fire on social media after a June 9 committee debate on school … Continue reading

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NH leads nation for female drivers in fatal automobile accidents

The states with the highest rates for female drivers involved were led by New Hampshire at 30.3 percent, followed in the top 10 by Maine (28.5 percent), North Carolina (28.2), Washington (28.2), Utah (27.9), Georgia (27.7), Florida (27.1), South Carolina … Continue reading

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Ruger introduces stainless 10mm Auto SR1911 (VIDEO)

Pitched at hog hunters and fans of the “centimeter,” Ruger announced this week it is expanding its 1911 line to include a 10mm Auto offering. The SR1911 variant is a full-size, stainless steel 70 Series handgun that uses the same … Continue reading

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New Media Militia Top 5 Week Ending 6/18/17

Here are last weeks top 5 most clicked, viewed, read, or shared posts. 5. 84 Great Danes rescued, N.H. puppy mill busted 4. Portsmouth Tall Ships Festival Scrapped For This Summer 3. STATE SENATOR ANDY SANBORN ANNOUNCES RUN FOR CONGRESS 2. Some Asshat Is Driving NH State … Continue reading

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Update to the Tom Katsiantonis Controversy

Rich gave an update to the controversy surrounding Ward 8 Alderman Tom Katsiantonis.  He shared statements from the Alderman concerning the foreclosure proceedings and wondered aloud if court time would be in the benefit of the Queen City taxpayers.  Finally, … Continue reading

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On Paris The NH Democrat Delegation Sides With Big Oil

When Donald Trump announced his administration’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords the usual suspects came out and said the usual things. The Democrats, environmental left, and the media have been grinding their anti-Trump axes on this for weeks, all the … Continue reading

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Summer camps serve as economic engines for NH communities

Summer camps in New Hampshire generate $113 million annually in direct economic impact, according to a report produced by the American Camp Association’s New England chapter. The Northeast Economic Impact Report examined nine states in the Northeast including Connecticut, Maine, … Continue reading

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Free Speech Win: Supreme Court says government can’t refuse disparaging trademarks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says the government can’t refuse to register trademarks that are considered offensive. The ruling Monday is a win for an Asian-American rock band called the Slants and it gives a major boost to the … Continue reading

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