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Did You Notice?

Until there is more local “new media” stuff to share I’ve pared back the schedule from hourly updates to every two hours. If you noticed that you also noticed that there isn’t enough local content for the new schedule either … Continue reading

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TV news crew’s truck stolen while reporting on crime

Someone stole a television news station’s SUV in Downtown Albuquerque while the crew was gathering footage for a story about crime in the area. Michelle Donaldson, KOB news director, said the crew watched as the vehicle was stolen near First … Continue reading

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6 things your kids use everyday that are filthier than a toilet seat

No matter where your children go, they’re sure to encounter millions of germs. While you shouldn’t be too nervous about the germs (your kids are pretty good at fighting them off) there are some objects you should definitely be aware … Continue reading

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The News You Didn’t Hear: What Team Trump is getting done

Here is what Americans this week were told counted as “news”: Jared Kushner’s past meetings. Russians. James Comey’s upcoming testimony. Russians. Hillary Clinton’s latest conspiracy theories. Russians. Bob Mueller’s as-yet-nonexistent investigation (into Russians). Kathy Griffin, Mr. Met and, of course, … Continue reading

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Girard at Large On Air News Read for May 8, 2017

Preston “P” Thorpe, the man the Manchester Police Department wanted for dealing carfentanil and cast a nationwide net to find last week was found on Friday. The twenty four year old didn’t get too far from home before being caught. … Continue reading

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Girard at Large On Air News Read – April 27, 2017

SENATE BILL 103, AN ACT limiting food and beverage advertising and marketing on school property, met a timely demise in the House yesterday.  The bill required school districts to prohibit the advertising of any food or beverage that may not … Continue reading

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No Pardon, Just early release

The New Hampshire Executive Council voted to cut the sentence of Ward Bird short, but did not go so far as to issue a pardon. Bird spent 77 days in jail for criminal threatening–for waving or brandishing a handgun at a trespasser on his property back in 2006. Continue reading

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NH Jo-Whore-nal?

As a follow up to this, yesterday or maybe the day before, the NH Journal (NHJ), New Hampshire’s prominent internet news source if the news is whatever Hynse communications is being paid to call news, decided to float a lie called pin the conservative blogger to Jack Kimball. Someone the NH Journal staff knew would stir the pot was fingered as Kimball’s communications director if he won the job as GOP State party chairman, even though no one–including Kimball and the blogger–knew anything about it until after the digital ink was dry. Continue reading

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