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Trump has altered over 800 Obama-era regulations…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Friday that President Trump is “systematically” removing hundreds of regulations put in place by the Obama administration. “The president has already knocked out some 860 rules and regulations from the Obama administration, and every day we’re finding more and … Continue reading

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Rich Girard: Breaking the rules, and getting away with it

On Monday, September 25th, the Manchester Board of School Committee did two things that actually made my jaw drop. As you may know, at-Large board member Nancy Tessier violated policies of the school board, provisions of the city charter and … Continue reading

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Shea-Porter Chastises Trump For Stopping Illegal Bailout Money To Big Insurance

Not long after we shared the news that Mr. Trump was ending illegal handouts to insurance companies, lame-duck New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is criticizing him for it. |Read More at GraniteGrok

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Update: Proposed NH Medicaid Rule Regarding Coverage for “Gender Reassignment”

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services had its public hearing on September 13 about its proposed rule change to let Medicaid dollars pay for “gender reassignment” surgery. Thanks to all of you who contacted DHHS with your … Continue reading

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Harvey Weinstein’s Contract Permitted Sexual Harassment, So Long as He Reimbursed the Company for Any Settlements His Behavior Forced Them to Pay Out

Given “associative sorting” in industries, dating and marriage, and even zip codes, with people only associating with their close kin as far as culture and ideology, it does seem likely that the chief victimizers of wealthy white liberal feminists are, … Continue reading

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Caucus Dates Should Jasper Be Confirmed As Ag Commissioner

Should Speaker Jasper be confirmed to the office of Commissioner of Agriculture, the following schedule will apply: House Democrats will caucus on Wednesday, November 29 at 10 a.m. in Representatives Hall. House Republicans will caucus on Wednesday, November 29 at … Continue reading

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Who Will Replace Shawn Jasper as Speaker of the New Hampshire House?

Yesterday, news broke that New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu was doing us all a huge favor by offering Speaker Shawn Jasper a job as the Agriculture Commissioner. This would mean Jasper is stepping down from his Statehouse seat and relinquishing the Speaker’s … Continue reading

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Who Is (and Isn’t) Running for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District

So far, three Republicans and 10 Democrats have indicated they are running or have an interest in joining the race. Below is a breakdown of the current pool of candidates based on whether they have announced a run for the … Continue reading

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