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Bitcoin guy still detained

‘ I continue my low-budget crusade to call and question at least ten govt. people connected in some way with an infamous arrest. Thomas Costanzo from FreedomsPhoenix.com was SWAT-teamed for selling too many bitcoin and is still detained. |RidleyReport

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Trent Franks says he’s 100% pro-life, but he has sponsored bills with exceptions. Take HR 36. It is the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This same bill was introduced a few years ago without exceptions, then they were inserted. He still pushed … Continue reading

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Trump’s Iran speech finally sets facts of sham nuclear deal straight

President Trump has not yet pulled America out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. But he just took a vital step toward doing so, in a landmark speech on Friday that in plain language dismantled the dangerous fictions on which … Continue reading

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Counterfeiters Caught at NH Pumpkin Festival

LACONIA, N.H. —Two people were arrested at the New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival in Laconia after police said they tried to use counterfeit money. Laconia police said Christopher Greene and Holly Solans tried to pay for fried dough using a fake … Continue reading

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