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November 4th Antifa Goes to War

I know, they’ve been pretty violent up to this point, but now they have set a date for the actual revolution. I guess. ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017: We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across … Continue reading

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Josiah Bartlett Center Announces The 2017 Libertas Dinner

Mark your calendars for Dec. 4 and join us for the Josiah Bartlett Center’s annual celebration of free markets and free people. We are excited to have Stephen F. Hayes, editor of The Weekly Standard, join us as our keynote speaker this year. Hayes has … Continue reading

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Rick Olson: Epidemic of Guns?

GET RID OF THOSE GUNS! The Epidemic of Guns is once again on the front burner in the Wake of the recent Las Vegas Tragedy. Epidemic…”Their words, NOT MINE. Late night talk show hosts are weighing in with various and … Continue reading

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Ask a Muslim Anything

Rich talked to Robert Azzi for the Ask a Muslim Anything segment.  Robert began the segment by sharing his background, before taking a call from Susan in Milford.  After explaining about ‘taqiya’ and the definition of Islam, Robert addressed the seventy-two virgins, Islamic condemnation of terrorism, the politicization of … Continue reading

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NHHRC Takes to the Streets for Drug-Related Harm Reduction

One of the things you hear before moving to New Hampshire is that, in many cases, the locals are as passionate about peaceful solutions to the world’s problems as the liberty activists are. I found this hard to believe until … Continue reading

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Would You Support Local Rooms and Meals Taxes in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s abundance of seaside beaches, lakes, and mountain resorts helps make tourism the state’s second-largest industry. While this influx of travelers is a boon to local businesses, it can strain municipal resources – like police and ambulances– during peak … Continue reading

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Pine Tree Ramblings (Vol 3) – Rebellious Acts

The NFL thugs on their knees, the Antifa children-of-the-corn and the countless Sherry Frost nutcakes who see “oppression” in every blade of grass.  It is nothing more than Pecksniffian silliness.  I have no doubt this will all end with a whimper, leaving … Continue reading

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In Whom Do We Trust? The Springhill Farm in Chester

At the time of her death in 2001 [Muriel Church] entrusted the NH property to the town of Chester with the stipulation that they rent to tenants, preferably family members, who would maintain the farm as open space, in perpetuity. … Continue reading

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