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Zandra Rice-Hawkins was a sterling example of why we don’t “join their conversation” on guns

I’m going to watch it again, but it was class Rice-Crispies operandi – dripping with condescension and her favorite tactic of hijacking the conversation while someone else is talking (in this case, Susan Olsen representing the Women’s Defense League).  I … Continue reading

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NH: House speaker denounces NHexit

| RidleyReport

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Invitation from 40DFL Manchester for October 13, 2017

I’m happy to pass to you this message from Sheila of the Manchester, New Hampshire 40 Days for Life campaign. While this particular observance is addressed to Catholic participants, all 40DFL activities are as always open to all who share the … Continue reading

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New Media Militia Evolution

In keeping more with the mission of the New Media Militia, you can expect to see a dip in the number of stories posted here. The plan was to focus on news or opinion generated in New Hampshire or about … Continue reading

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ESAs Create More Opportunities

Over the last several months we have continued to work on the Education Savings Account (ESA) bill, SB 193, which was retained by the House Education Committee. A subcommittee met multiple times and must present a decision to the entire … Continue reading

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Double Standards; one for Christians and one for Gays?

We have seen a number of militant gay couples go to Christian small businesses like flower shops, wedding photographers, wedding chapel owners, and t-shirt makers and demand to be served.  At almost every turn, anti-discrimination ordinances or that any business … Continue reading

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So Zandra-Rice Hawkins LIES about the end game of gun control – confiscation

Boy does this segue well from my previous post about Progressives lying in “the means justifies the end”. I DVR’d WMUR’s CLOSEUP as I usually do and I know for a fact that the anti-gunners DO want a complete confiscation … Continue reading

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