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Nashua Alderman Vote Unanimously to Spend Other People’s Money

A Rhode Island Company has convinced the city of Nashua to spend your money. According to NHPR’s incorrectly named article “Nashua Alderman Unanimously Approve Commuter Rail Memorandum,” The Tuesday night unanimous approval of the memorandum of understanding means the city can begin work … Continue reading

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NH Medical Examiner Is Quitting His Job Because bad Opioid Policy is Killing so Many

In the six years since the federal government asked pharmaceutical companies to reformulate prescription opioids so patients couldn’t use them illicitly, Thomas Andrew, the chief medical examiner of New Hampshire, has seen his caseload skyrocket. “It’s almost as if the … Continue reading

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RTKNH receives First Amendment Award

We couldn’t be more proud.  On Thursday night, October 5, 2017, the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications awarded Right to Know NH its First Amendment Award. The award is given annually by the school to those who have “gone … Continue reading

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Meet the McGuires: New Hampshire’s Most Interesting Political Couple

New Hampshire has thousands of current and former state legislators of all stripes, but few are as intriguing as Carol and Dan McGuire. The couple, both graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are retired engineers who have been married for … Continue reading

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Ed Naile: Twelve Lousy Things To Remember – And They Forgot The Most Important One

Let me take the Alinsky crowd to school. You are not going to disarm the American public. Every time you try and use a shooting – except in Chicago because you won there, as a wedge issue, the Second Amendment … Continue reading

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