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Be Sure to Tune in Tomorrow Morning at 8:40 AM ET

Another Monday and another trip to the super secret studios to talk about the New Media, Free Speech, GraniteGrok, and politics in NH and the Nation. Tune in at 8:40 am ET to hear what’s on tap this week with the … Continue reading

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Free NH Documentary Screening on 9/17 in Portsmouth to Feature Q&A, Poster Raffle

Recently Derrick J Freeman announced a special five-year anniversary screening of his documentary film, “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree” to take place in Portsmouth this Sunday 9/17 at 7pm at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. Admission is free, first come, first seated. Refreshments will … Continue reading

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Education Advocates Push for Legislature to Embrace Savings Accounts

A recent report card on the progress of education policy legislation during last year’s session has advocates discussing the future of public school choice in New Hampshire. Michelle Levell, director of School Choice for New Hampshire, issued the organization’s second … Continue reading

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Oberlin Follows Mizzou and Evergreen – Enrollment Drops, Financial Woes

Oberlin College is at the forefront of social justice outrage hoaxes but until recently had not reported any real-world consequences. See what I did there? Real world? Mizzou went full-stupid with their fake outrage which cost them, and cost them and cost them, and then cost them some … Continue reading

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New Hampshire State Revenues on Target, But Concerns Linger

With revenues collected for the first two months of State fiscal year (SFY) 2018, certain revenue sources appear to be matching the State’s revenue plan while others, including key revenue generators, appear to be flagging. On a cash basis, revenue for the General … Continue reading

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Most Say FBI Should Make Clinton Files Public

Most voters still think Hillary Clinton is likely to have broken the law in her handling of classified information and disagree with the FBI’s decision to keep secret its files on last year’s Clinton probe. | More… | Rasmussen

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Outspoken white nationalist once active in Occupy, communist groups

One of the most visible white nationalists at the recent Fort Sanders Confederate monument demonstration was, until a few years ago, active in communist organizations, the Occupy movement, and protests against racism. Garon Archer, a native of Johnson City, was … Continue reading

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Nashua Teachers’ Union Plans Actions In Contract Dispute

The Nashua Teachers’ Union says teachers might cut back on their responsibilities if the Board of Education doesn’t come to a contract agreement this week. Teachers started the new school year without a contract. Union president Adam Marcoux says the board … Continue reading

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Will They Never Stop Tying to Censor You?

I can’t say that I’m familiar with any Republican efforts to advance hate speech as a tool for suppression anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that the Right isn’t capable. Humans are flawed beings who’d rather not … Continue reading

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The Move Toward Ending Private Property is Alive and Well

We have stated before that withdrawal from the Paris Agreement would have little to no effect on what will happen with federal, state and local compliance with the “sustainability”, “urbanization”, and “globalization” agenda. Here is yet another example of how … Continue reading

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