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Possibly rabid fox attacks 3 people in Merrimack; search for fox underway

Of the three people who were attacked, two needed medical attention. Officials said the fox may be in the areas of Camp Sargent Road, Whittier Road and Cedar Lane. Police said the fox is extremely aggressive and may attack anyone … Continue reading

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Video Emerges of Hillary Clinton Saying Illegal Immigrant Children Have to Go

“We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay,” said Clinton “So, we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or … Continue reading

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Earl Metzler Highest Paid Superintendent in NH!

The NH Department of Education has just released their annual survey of superintendent salaries.  SAU 55 has the distinction of paying our superintendent more than any other in this fine state. Wanna know why? The answer is simple. SAU 55 … Continue reading

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Obama Buying Sea Level Property

After spending eight years lying about sea level, Barack Obama is now putting his money where his mouth isn’t. Community organizer Barack Obama is looking to buy $10+ million properties at sea level. Obviously he doesn’t believe any of his … Continue reading

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Aurora from X9 class solar flare visible in Cape Cod – More Tonight and Tomorrow

The particle debris from this week’s monster X9-class solar flare hit Earth’s magnetic field last night. The result: Northern Lights in the USA as far south as Arkansas. A severe (G4-class) geomagnetic storm on Sept. 8th sparked auroras so bright … Continue reading

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Dem Congressman to propose crackdown on campus ‘hate speech’

According to The Diamondback, Representative Anthony Brown (D) announced plans at the University of Maryland to introduce the bill to fight hate speech and hate crimes, explaining that it would require public colleges and universities to have programs and initiatives that define … Continue reading

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Democrat to Stay on Trump Voter Panel Despite Calls to Leave

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire‘s secretary of state says he won’t step down from President Donald Trump’s commission on election fraud despite calls from the state’s congressional delegation to do so. All four members of the delegation say fellow Democrat … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Democrats Can’t Denounce Antifa Because They Are Antifa

Democrat Socialists, Bernie Sanders Democrats, the New Left, the Alt-Left, and Antifa are all names for the socialist labor movement (communism) that is so far left that nearly everything is to the “right.” To justify their violent cause, the modern … Continue reading

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Court: Anti-panhandling ordinances illegal

CONCORD — A federal court declared Friday that anti-panhandling ordinances enacted by Rochester, Somersworth and other communities are a direct violation of the First Amendment. The U.S. District Court of New Hampshire’s decision comes as part of a suit filed … Continue reading

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Jeanne Shaheen: The Russian Company That Is a Danger to Our Security

MADBURY, N.H. — The Kremlin hacked our presidential election, is waging a cyberwar against our NATO allies and is probing opportunities to use similar tactics against democracies worldwide. Why then are federal agencies, local and state governments and millions of … Continue reading

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