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New figures show 5.9 percent of population has no health insurance

New Hampshire’s progress on insuring people previously without health insurance has apparently stalled the last two years, according to the latest Census report and data on the Affordable Care Act. The Census data shows that the state was down to … Continue reading

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Police Seize Cash, Drugs, and Guns in Epsom

On Tuesday, members of the New Hampshire State Police Narcotics and Investigations Unit, New Hampshire State Police S.W.A.T. Unit and Epsom Police executed search and arrest warrants at 62 Goboro Road. During the search, authorities found half a kilogram of suspected fentanyl, more … Continue reading

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State police respond to incident at NHTI

State police are investigating an incident that took place in a parking lot at NHTI early Thursday afternoon.“There was an incident that happened around 12:30. The New Hampshire state police responded.  *| More… | Concor Monitor

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Edelblut meeting with ‘Right-of-Center’ group described as non-political

Frank Edelblut, the state’s education commissioner, said during his January confirmation hearing before the Executive Council that he would not refrain from speaking to political groups. He’s spoken to several conservative or Republican groups since taking office, and on Wednesday, … Continue reading

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How NH Discriminates Against Legal Voters

A college student using a dormitory as a “voting domicile” and who also pays out-of-state tuition to one of NH’s state colleges can use the bulk mail address of the college to vote from his new “voting domicile.” The same … Continue reading

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Should Manchester be a Sanctuary City?

Rich talked to the listeners about a Union Leader article, in which candidates from Wards 1-3 conveyed their thoughts about whether or not the Queen City should become a Sanctuary City.  | More… |Girard at Large

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Abortion Advocacy Group Targets N.H. State Reps

New Hampshire’s new fetal homicide law has drawn the attention, ire, and cash of an experienced, well-funded political action group dedicated to packing legislative bodies with abortion advocates. | More… | Leaven for the Loaf

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