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Men are Better at Aiming and Throwing because: Peeing

H/T Ace Incredible. This is NOT parody 🙉 pic.twitter.com/L5XKIteuBp — The Safest Space (@TheSafestSpace) September 15, 2017

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Bernie Sanders: “If we expanded Medicaid [to] everybody…we would bankrupt the nation.”

Jeanne Shaheen probably isn’t worried about her support of Bernie Sanders 2017 Medicaid for everyone plan, but Bernie Sanders was–30 years ago. Back in 1987, a much younger Bernie Sanders apparently had that sense too. He warned that expanding Medicaid, … Continue reading

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As an elected school district official, do you feel at a loss about the mysteries of Special Education in your District? Would you like to know what is required, how it gets determined, what funding is available, and where you … Continue reading

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Lawmakers Vote To Make California A ‘Sanctuary State’

California is poised to become a so-called “sanctuary state” after its legislature passed a bill Saturday that would establish new protections for people who entered the country illegally and send a clear signal of defiance against the Trump administration’s tough … Continue reading

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Hampton wants reimbursement from state for beach calls

HAMPTON (AP) — The town of Hampton is going to court in hopes of getting reimbursed for services it provides at the state-owned Hampton Beach. The beach is owned and operated by the state, but if someone calls 911 from … Continue reading

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Behold: Baby Ward, Born Premature at 25 Weeks

Born premature at 25 weeks, baby Ward shows us why every child deserves a chance at life. #RT his story. pic.twitter.com/4l7EE83gEv — Lila Rose (@LilaGraceRose) September 15, 2017 | GraniteGrok

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Boston police arrest, charge man in murder of NH woman

Boston authorities have charged a man with Sunday’s murder of two people, including Michaela Gingras, 24, a Manchester, N.H., native who grew up in Goffstown and who was found shot in a Dorchester apartment building. Lance Holloman, 30, was arrested … Continue reading

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