There Can Be No Indigenous People’s Day – The North American Continent Doesn’t Have Any

A Democrat lawmaker has proposed legislation to follow Durham, New Hampshire’s lead and change Columbus Day to ‘Indigenous People’s’ Day. I’ve already offered my thoughts on the matter at great length so I won’t repeat those here. Instead, I will point out the most obvious foil. There are no Indigenous People in New Hampshire or anywhere else in North America.

There are only the people whose ancestors arrived before ours. |Keep Reading at GraniteGrok

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2 Responses to There Can Be No Indigenous People’s Day – The North American Continent Doesn’t Have Any

  1. Garett P Mapes says:

    Kudos, good for them.
    Shut on the Native American and cancel them fom history, you deserve a schmuck pie.
    Liberals and Sympathizers, guess you can tell who wears the pants in their family

    • Did you miss this part?

      “I have no issue with recognizing the Wabanaki, of New Hampshire, for a day, a weekend, or a week, as long as we can do it without being accused of cultural appropriation. But Indigenous people’s day is a national movement lead almost exclusively by progressives that seek to glorify the history of some arbitrary previous winner so that liberals can feel a sense of moral superiority for recognizing the success of someone else’s ancestors in place of their own.”

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