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Windham School Board – That Transgender Bathroom policy really isn’t official? Part 4

The machinations of the Windham School Board concerning their Transgender Policy JBAB, for whatever reason, still bugs the heck out me. I really think that a lot of it is summed up in this part of the policy which does … Continue reading

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NH State Police work on immigration policy

New Hampshire State Police officials are drafting a policy that governs how troopers should address the immigration status of people they come across during traffic stops and other instances. Col. Christopher Wagner said he has reviewed the policy of the … Continue reading

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Donna Green: Behind the Scenes of Policy Committee

As the assigned school board head of Timberlane’s Policy Standing Committee, I have been trying to hold summer meetings.  Policy formation is one of the principal duties of the School Board, yet the established schedule of Policy Committee meetings is … Continue reading

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Candia School Board Repeals Transgender Policy

Last night, by a 3-2 vote, the Candia School Board repealed a controversial Transgender Policy passed during the dark days of the Obama Administration, and it’s flirtation with threatening money for districts that did not comply with its wishes. A … Continue reading

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The One-Trick Tax-And-Spend Donkey By Any Other Name…

The democrats have a name for their new 501(c)(4) non-profit. It’s the July Fourth Forum. What, “We just lost The Whole Damn State” was already taken? Continue reading

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Vet-ting Shea-Porter’s prioities

Carol Shea-Porter likes to give constitutional rights to terrorists.  She favored the Boumedine decision to provide Habeus Corpus rights to terror detainees, not because they should be entitled to them but becasue she has been told to go against anything George Bush favors.  She also supported giving these murderers 4th … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders from the PRV

The “independent” Senator Bernie Sanders from the People’s Republic of Vermont, had this to say regarding Judd Gregg’s vote against amendments to the Heating aide Bill. “Do we vote to keep the old, the sick, and kids alive when the … Continue reading

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