Ed Naile: Is “Establishing a Physical Presence” Enough?

I know the NH Legislature is working on the endless pursuit of a single definition for the legal terms residence and domicile, so they can eradicate voter fraud by legislation, but have they considered the next leap of logic they will encounter?

By NH State Statute – used only by the NH AG’s Office when making excuses for obvious out of state voters stealing votes during an election, it is obvious that the term “establishing a physical presence” is another way to steal a NH vote. | Keep Reading at CNHT

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1 Response to Ed Naile: Is “Establishing a Physical Presence” Enough?

  1. Steven Curtis says:

    It’s amazing that anyone, even someone who’s obviously not very bright and possibly unbalanced, can go literally decades chasing the unicorn that is voter fraud. He’s like someone who believed that creatures from outer space are hiding all over Earth, waiting to kill us all, and cites supposed sightings by his fellow nutbags as evidence that this is true.

    Anyone with a tiny glimmer of thinking ability understands that the incidence of voter fraud is vanishingly small, and that when people do get caught, it’s usually Republicans who are responsible. Like this:


    People like Ed Naile should be going absolutely bonkers over this. But he won’t, because he’s not actually concerned with voter fraud; he just wants to try to explain away Democratic election wins on the basis of something other than reality. He’s an unhappy, unemployed fellow with an axe to grind, and he’s chosen to grind it against nothing more than a dark fantasy.

    Yet no matter how much time passes with nothing more than scattered incidents at the polls at most, the majority of which are perpetrated by Republicans, people like Ed will just keep shouting into a void and aligning themselves with laughingstocks like James O’Keefe.

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