Some Asshat Is Driving NH State Sen. Donna Soucy’s Car

Donna Soucys CarAt 2:15 (yesterday) afternoon on Center St. in Concord, this asshat decided it would be a great idea to pass me on the left, riding over the center line, in front of St. Paul’s Church because traffic was stopped for the red light up ahead. As this person, (who is part of our Senate) passed me on the left and traffic started to move again he/she practically ran me into a line of parked cars trying to edge back into the lane after riding the solid double yellow without a care in the world….ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! Feel free to share this post in hopes this pic will land in the lap of this clown. | Facebook

|Sen Soucy’s Senate Page (if you’d like to reach out and ask her about it)

(me)…needs to fix her right rear tail/brake light too, and while I know she knows this state Senator,¬† I wonder if she also knows this guy?

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