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Dem chair under fire for calling voters white supremacists

The chairman of New Hampshire’s Democratic Party has come under fire for comments that suggest some unregistered voters in the state are white supremacist. Ray Buckley was responding over the weekend to news that a group with links to President … Continue reading

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Judd Gregg: The left’s theater of the absurd

The Democratic Party of New Hampshire, along with its counterparts in several other states, has dropped the name of its signature annual dinner. Previously known as the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner,” it will now be renamed the “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner.” This change was … Continue reading

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Why Hasn’t Jeff Woodburn Denounced Ray Buckley: Dem Chair Called his Constituents White Supremacists

Coos county New Hampshire is almost entirely rural and based on the 2016 Presidential election it is full of disaffected voters, the very people Chairman Buckley just called White Supremacists. Ray Buckley has already doubled down on the remark so when are elected … Continue reading

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NH Dem Party Chair Calls Rural, Disaffected Voters, ‘White Supremacists’

Yesterday, Adam Sexton of WMUR interviewed the executive director of a new organization called ‘Look Ahead America.’ The organization is made up of some former Trump campaign “data masterminds” and will be looking to New Hampshire for voter outreach. Executive … Continue reading

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Where Does Maxine Waters Get Her Money?

Don’t ask NH Democrats. They don’t care. Maxine Waters seems to be swimming in cash, which is odd because her individual donations for the year were less than $15K! In fact, Waters spent $5K for a fundraising dinner, which seems … Continue reading

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Gay Lobby Mega-Donor: “We’re Going to Punish the Wicked”

Tim Gill is a major donor to Democrat’s, the backbone of the gay-lobby, and has been at the forefront of funding gay marriage and other LGBT initiatives across America. What’s his next target? Anyone who intends to hide behind their … Continue reading

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NH Dems to Host Maxine ‘Most Corrupt Member of Congress’ Waters

Yesterday, the Strafford County Democrats announced a special guest for their annual picnic. Their guest is none other than California Representative Maxine Waters. For some reason, the extremely corrupt Waters has somehow become a figurehead in the “Resist” movement, although it’s unclear … Continue reading

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The ACLU’s Lawsuit Against Secretary of State Bill Gardner is Total Bullcrap

As I will discuss in more detail below, the law in New Hampshire is that in order to bring a lawsuit the persons or entities bringing it (the plaintiffs or petitioners) must have “standing.”  That is, they must be able … Continue reading

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The vitriolic hatred from NH Democrats MUST END…

Yesterday, a man from Illinois opened fire on Republicans practicing for a bi-partisan charity baseball game in Virginia. The man was obsessed with his hatred for Republicans, the wealthy and Trump all while professing his adoration for Bernie Sanders. The … Continue reading

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‘Climate Change Cultists’ are losing their minds in New Hampshire

Today, the New Hampshire Democrat Party is still whining about the Trump Administration’s decision to get America out of the bogus Paris Climate Accord. They have been in hysterics for days since Trump’s announcement and can’t seem to get over … Continue reading

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