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Ask Jeanne Shaheen – Where’s The Oversight?

by Steve MacDonald According to this video (from Obama Isn’t Mr. Obama has blown through $16 billion ($16,000,000,000.00) on public equity green energy gambles that have cost jobs and lost our money, much of it to Big Obama donors, … Continue reading

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Did Shaheen try to ‘Cell’ you on another bad deal?

  The largest deal in Stem Cell research history is under way between two bio-techs who are prepared to invest 1.4 billion of their own money in the joint venture.  Genzyme and Osiris are coordinating an effort to bring the … Continue reading

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7 AM–Polls open: Vote Early, vote often?

This tried and true maxim of the Democrat party comes alive as the polls spring to life at the opening bell.  It’s a lot easier to vote more than once when you have already sent in your absentee ballot, and can use the day … Continue reading

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Mike ‘Kato’ Kaelin part II

Rep Mike “Kato” Kaelin wants’ to sell himself as better than sitting state senator Sheila Roberge based almost entirely on the notion that he’ll actually do something.  So while in part one  I reviewed what Kato wants to do (or … Continue reading

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Jeanne Shaheen the tax Machine

This, Courtesy of “Friends of the US chamber” is a video from the US Chamber of commerce.  As Trex pointed out in his (her?) comment to an earlier post, its a great commercial.  Have a look.

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Misleadership – Shaheen

One of my favorite pieces of the Shaheen-Hypocrisy pie, of which there are many, is her evolving stance on the war in Iraq.  She was for it before she was against it.  This of course means she is party to … Continue reading

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Shaheen, Hypocrite for senate.

Jeanne Shaheen’s team has been making a campaign issue of out-of-state funding, but I wonder if they are ever going to bring up the fact that candidate Shaheen gets 75% of her own campaign money from out of state?  SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!!  There’s … Continue reading

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