Rubbing off some of the Shaheen

Shaheen wants to distract us from the cold hard truth about her dark Blue roots by arguing that her opponent, Senator Sununu, is less capable than she simply because he voted with Bush 85% of the time.   But a quick look at her policy and issues pages will show just how closely aligned she is with Pelosi twins Hodes and Shea Porter who voted with Chancellor Peolsi 98% of the time.  If 85% is bad what’s 98% get you when it just happens to be 98% of what has turned out to be the most unpopular House of Representatives in American History?  Shaheen would simply be the Pelosi Triplet with a six year seat in the Senate. 

But while Shaheen beats her 85% drum, you won’t hear a peep out of her on that other 15% because it damages her credibility too much.  Just about every one of the issues Sununu voted against is a signature pin in the Democrats voodoo doll campaign strategy to unseat republicans, and since she can’t stick him with them she’s got to hope no one notices.  (Too late.)

One of the first things Sununu did as a Senator back in 2003 was lead a defeat of the Republican Energy plan because it spent too much, and was loaded with unnecessary subsidies.   That’s a stark contrast to Shaheen’s claims that he’s another republican shill for big oil.   Sununu also voted against Bush on federal detainee regulations, the marriage amendment, government backed mortgages, Immigration, the Iraq study group,  and even on Alberto Gonzales.  Sununu voted against the Republican transportation bill and fought Bushes prescription drug plan becasue both spent too much tax payer money. In each of these cases it wasn’t what Bush and Republicans wanted, it was what was just, what made the most sense, what would get the job done without wasting tax dollars; it was about what was good for New Hampshire.

Find me one policy from Shaheens lips, or on her web site that would cost taxpayers less money.  You can’t and you wont.

Shaheen has no interest in letting taxpayers keep their money.  She has no interest in letting consumers define what renewable energy works best for them.  Shaheen isn’t interested in creating jobs unless they are paid for by the redistribution of tax payer dollars. And since when did putting the government in charge of more help the middle class?  Never in my lifetime. 

Shaheens 100%  democrat, which is at least 98% Pelosi, and if we dare to set her loose in the Senate, she won’t have to worry about a no-tax pledge; she won’t have to pander to towny taxpayer groups;  She can join or start all the tax payer funded study groups she wants, grow government and tax and spend along with the rest of them.  She’ll use subsidies to turn us into welfare junkies, slaves for federal handouts for business and industry.   Heck, I guess it would turn us into Iowa, the renewable ethanol capital of the country.

You want to be Iowa, move there.

Live Free or Die.

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2 Responses to Rubbing off some of the Shaheen

  1. NH says:

    I think the current DEMOCRAT controlled congress is at 9% rating.

    NINE PERCENT. Time to throw the bums out.

  2. elcabra says:

    It’s actually up around 19% at the moment, but that’s probably becsue they are on vacation–except for some Republicans still protesting on the House floor. But it was at 9% when they were in session, and will probably descend there again when they go back to work.

    I wonder if consumer confidance and the stock market go up when they are on vacation? I bet they do.

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