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Two top intelligence chiefs felt no pressure from Trump to end Russia investigations

Two of the government’s top intelligence officials said Wednesday that they did not feel pressured to end investigations into Russian meddling in the November presidential election, though fired FBI Director James B. Comey did say President Trump asked him to … Continue reading

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Rubbing off some of the Shaheen

Shaheen wants to distract us from the cold hard truth about her dark Blue roots by arguing that her opponent, Senator Sununu, is less capable than she simply because he voted with Bush 85% of the time.   But a quick look at her policy and … Continue reading

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Jeanne Machine.

Jeanne Shaheen wants to be the next Senator from New Hampshire, but Jeanne is a typical democrat.  She supported Hillary Clinton and her big government dreams—ideas which candidate Clinton herself said, even the American people could not yet afford.   Like … Continue reading

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