Shaheen, Hypocrite for senate.

Jeanne Shaheen’s team has been making a campaign issue of out-of-state funding, but I wonder if they are ever going to bring up the fact that candidate Shaheen gets 75% of her own campaign money from out of state?  SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!!  There’s a 2% difference between the candidates. 


They also like to point out that Senator Sununu has received money from ‘special interests’ like oil companies.  But every candidate receives money from some special interest. Shaheen’s biggest contributors are Trial Lawyers, unions, and abortion groups.  In fact, ideological single issue groups are her biggest contributors.   


So while it’s clear that most candidates at this level get plenty of money from other places, many of them with specific interests, if we have to then identify at least one difference between these candidates based on this information, it has to be that Jeanne Shaheen has chosen to use it as a campaign issue, and John Sununu has not.  The important point there being that Shaheen is a hypocrite. 

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