Kathy Sullivan get’s dizzy from the spin.

Front page, Sunday Union Leader, in an article assessing Sununu’s ability to shake “The Bush effect,” NH State DHC (Democrat High Council) senior adviser Kathy Sullivan sees Sununu as “a big part of the problem.”  So what problem is she referring to?  Let’s deconstruct.


The war in Iraq–some democrats (most of whom approved the invasion in the first place and now even some who did not) are actually beginning to realize that the Surge worked even better than promised and that their persistent “surrender strategy” would have been a catastrophe for the region.  The truth can take time to sink in but Kathy still thinks she can get traction on this.  Basically, Kathy, the Democrats ‘gave up’ on an entire country of human beings–that they are on record as wanting to invade for the purpose of saving them from an unstable dictator–and the other side said, we wanted to invade too, only we did it wrong, and we believe we can fix this, and they did.  Sununu was right, the DHC was wrong.  Live with it.

No Bid contracts–The government bidding process is not designed to deal with disasters in need of immediate response.  Just imagine how much worse the response failures to Katrina would have been if we had to bid the immediate recovery actions through the federal bidding system prior to any assistance being provided?  They’d still be under water.  And Sullivan ignores the Democrat Governors total incompetence, blaming the federal government for actions she should have taken before, during, and after the storm.  (That might be why she’s not the governor anymore). 

Until recently, it had generally been accepted that responsibility for in-war recovery actions was an authority assigned solely to the executive branch as part of its war powers.  So arguing that initial no-bid contracting, under these specific circumstances in Iraq, is just spin.  But Kathy’s not really interested in that issue as a wholesale problem because she’s still infected with the DHC’s Haliburton Derangement Syndrome. (HDS)  So let’s look at that problem.

As I understand it, at the time there were probably only 3 companies on the entire planet that could do the kind of immediate work needed, on the scale required, in the time frame allowed.  One was French–they were against the invasion (and had already been cashing in on the Oil for food scandal we uncovered as part of the invasion), the second was likewise unsuited–I’ll try to cite this, I just can’t remember who they were,  and the third was Haliburton.  The other two were not exactly about to jump up and dig in, and it’s always easier to engage rapid response with a company you have already done business with.  The formal Government bidding process (as noted above) would have delayed action on many infrastructure repairs and improvements in Iraq by years.  One cannot miss the point of how this would have played well into the Democrats failure agenda on Iraq.  

Democrats were running the State and local government when Katrina hit, and instead of taking responsibility, waited for, then blamed the federal government for their failures.  They would have gladly duplicated that scenario in the middle-east.  But Bush, for all his oddities, has always tried to take responsibility for the war in Iraq, took prompt action to salvage infrastructure there, and even changed his combat strategy (against massive objections from the Left) to turn impending defeat defeat into total victory.  That sound’s very American to me.  Use what you’ve got, dig in, and take responsibility for your action.  Kathy Sullivan clearlydoesn’t think that’s the case, or simply can’t.

Justice department firings.-I rally can’t believe she’s still singing this song.  DOJ employees are hired or fired at the President’s pleasure. They are the legal arm of the Executive, whose primary function is the “execution” of existing law based mostly on the prevailing priorities of that administration. These people exist solely to address the wants and needs of the President under the legal framework established by the Legislative branch.  (It’s a ‘separation of powers thing.)  Most Presidents replace these folks en-masse and Bill Clinton, just as an example, fired all of them.  Point?  Bush probably should have just fired Alberto Gonzales then swept the DOJ house clean of Clinton leftovers, but he has commitment issues–he likes to give people a chance, and stand behind his decisions–even if they turn out to be wrong, unlike the Democrats who base most of their policy positions on their current ‘Q’ ratings. Democrats wasted months and millions on this, just another political head-hunting expedition with no real significance, and no meaningful resolution.  Kathy rolls it out again to attack Sununu who was not only right about this issue, but would have saved taxpayers money. 

This is just one more example of how the Democrats have spent more time trying their damnedest to make Bush look bad.    They seem like selfish, lazy children trying to uplift themselves–not by the value of their own accomplishments, probably because they have none–but by trying to make their opponent look bad so no one will see what complete incompetents they are.  Believe it or not, this is not what Congress is primarily elected to do. 

So if Kathy has proven anything, it’s that she’s just another grievance monger, grandstanding for political points, and on issues that are losers.  That’s my kind of democrat adviser? Keep up the ‘good work.’

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