Manchester ICE Office Vigil Oct. 3 Calls To End Deportations

MANCHESTER – Buoyed by a federal court decision putting a halt to the imminent deportation of about 60 Indonesian immigrants, members of area religious congregations will return to the Norris Cotton Federal Building on Tuesday, October 3 to pray for a halt to all deportations. The vigil comes on the heels of a victory for the interfaith coalition after an order issued on September 26 by Judge Patti Saris of the United States District Court in Boston halted plans to deport 11 Indonesians. | More…

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One Response to Manchester ICE Office Vigil Oct. 3 Calls To End Deportations

  1. Garett P Mapes says:

    End Deportations, I say keep me going.
    When a foreign individual goes into a retail store and reach”s behind the counter and tales a stack of discount cards to gand amongst the crowd, Yeah there is an issue.
    Then you hear there is a “Grey Area” in the law where the individual can’t be arrested, FREAKEN for REAL!!!!!
    GREY AREA!!!!
    If that was an American, he would be arrested, tried and locked up!!!!!
    Oh but wait, the bleeding heart liberal says he doesn’t know right from wrong, He has ENTITLEMENTS, BS!!!!!
    If he were in his own country, his hand would be chopped off or he would be lashed.

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