Sky doesn’t fall: NH voter residency law works

Now that the circus has left town, can the grown-ups talk about New Hampshire election laws?

The Presidential Commission on Voter Integrity held its first meeting at St. Anselm College this week, and both sides of the political spectrum repeated self-serving excuses about stolen elections.

Kansas Secretary of State, and commissioner vice-chair, Kris Kobach, repeated the canard that voters crossing the border cost Donald Trump New Hampshire’s four electoral voters. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen repeated the baseless conspiracy theory that Russians cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. *| More…

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2 Responses to Sky doesn’t fall: NH voter residency law works

  1. Tom Humphreys says:

    In the House special election in Laconia and Belmont, 12 new voters registered on election day. Only one lacked ID to prove that he lived in the district. He was allowed to vote, and must now provide proof that he is eligible.

    Question regarding the above statement: If he lacked the necessary ID why was he allowed to vote? What happens if he fails to return with proof of eligibility? Would this be considered voter fraud?

  2. Elcabra says:

    Despite all the noise NH election law continues to be a joke that is not funny. It doesn’t stop fraud nor does it punish.

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