Et tu, Sen. Shaheen?

While I am a strong advocate for repealing Obamacare, I have yet to analyze the replacement plan, and so my opinion on it is simply not yet developed. This is about the misleading propaganda and tactics Sen. Shaheen invoked in her opposition of it.

During a morning scroll through social media one day this past week, I saw a graphic from Sen. Shaheen that her office had heard from “more than 5,500 constituents on Republican Leadership’s Healthcare Repeal Bill” and noted 5,461 oppose it and only 108 support it. I didn’t “wow” at that, it sounded silly. I talk to people of all walks of life and the gap between those who want to keep Obamacare and those who want to replace it with pretty much anything simply isn’t that wide. I continued to scroll away and got my answer. Sen. Shaheen’s office was a doing a solicitation campaign via email asking people to email  | Home…

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