Guns vs Progressives

Gun%20Free%20Zone%20Poll.gifAfter 12 more hours the Londonderry News on-line polling percentages tell the same story.  People who vote on polls at the Londonderry news would (so far) overwhelmingly allow their fourth grader into the New Hampshire State House even though it is not a Gun Free Zone.

For those reading this from  police states like Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey…Venezuela, Cuba and so on, you might be asking what the hell am I talking about?  Allow me to review.

In New Hampshire you can carry a firearm openly just about anywhere.  You may also carry concealed and or in your vehicle with a permit at the very reasonable price of $10.00 for residents, renewable every four years, I believe.  You fill out a one page form, no fingerprints, no photos, just a few questions, which you submit to your town.

If you are not a convicted felon, domestic spouse abuser or drug user, and not certified as having a mental illness, odds are good you will get the license.

People who were raised in liberal bastions or who have not been adequately deprogrammed every day after returning home form the government run propaganda ministry (public school system) may be reading this with their mouths agape. Oh My God!  They all have GUNZZZ! (You can also add “What about the CHILDREN! at no additional cost.)

Fear-not brainwashed victims of a decades-long (not so secret) government “experiment” run by the media, entertainment, and Edu-cution industrial complex.  Despite being armed to the teeth, New Hampshire is consistently one of the safest states in the nation, and always has one of the highest quality of life rating. (Liberals will tell you there is no connection.)

To the lefts credit, we did very briefly have a gun ban in the state house in the last year of their tenure in the majority, but a shift from a Democrat majority to a Republican super majority–and perhaps adding to the rules that the members of the House have the right to carry on the floor of the chamber as well–has set the democrats and their progressive leash-holders into a brow-furrowing, lip-spittling tizzy over the ban’s repeal.  So to appeal to the populace they have decided to pull out the template and use the ‘for the children’ narrative, in a PR campaign to make the Republicans appear to be putting ‘the children’ at risk.

Add the Arizona shooting, in a public space, filled with unarmed law abiding citizens and one certified armed lunatic, and the progressives think they have a winner.  Stories of armed conflict raging on the floor of the state house read like old-time western gun battles, with innocent women and children senselessly butchered by hot flying lead.

This narrative is of course written by unhinged left-wing moon-bats who all seem to have anger-management issues that might actually preclude them from getting a pistol permit, even in New Hampshire. They are the very people the fear most, so the best possible remedy must be to have fewer of them in Concord, but that may be a story for another time.

So this almost brings us full circle, with the democrat scaring people unnecessarily to advance their fringe gun agenda, and looking desperately for support from the education industrial complex for aid in their new Spring campaign- “its for the children.”

Of course the real risk to children in New Hampshire comes not from guns at the state house–or the fact that there are guns everywhere else you might take your kids except the School itself and maybe a federal building–but from progressives and an educational system cluttered up with left-wing addled union members directed by the NEA. These people exist to nothing more than build union power on the backs of taxpayers using children as the grease for their wheels.

So if we really wanted to ban something that would actually benefit the health and well being of students forget the guns and the state house, we should consider banning the Teachers Unions from the public schools.  That would actually make a difference.


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