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NH lawmakers spike bill to raise minimum wage to $15 by 2021

A bill that would have hiked the minimum wage in New Hampshire to as much as $15 per hour by 2021 has been defeated in the state Senate. The legislation, Senate Bill 554, would have gradually raised the minimum wage … Continue reading

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NH Senate rejects alcohol, drug treatment fund mandate

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Senate has rejected a bill that sought to mandate the state devote 5 percent of profits from liquor sales to alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs. While state law already specifies that 5 … Continue reading

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New Hampshire considers eliminating vendor beverage fees

The bill, which originated in the New Hampshire House, was passed there as a proposal to revamp the vendor fees, reducing costs for smaller beverage companies while increasing them for larger outfits. But when it reached the Senate’s Finance Committee, … Continue reading

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NH Senate weighs cost of tracking claims that don’t result in finding of abuse or neglect

Balancing fiscal responsibility and the need to properly track potentially at-risk children ignited a passionate debate in the New Hampshire Senate chamber. At issue are reports collected by the state’s Division of Children, Youth & Families. Officials at DCYF would … Continue reading

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Serving The People to the End: RIP Sen. Sam Cataldo

Many citizens of NH were saddened to hear of the sudden and tragic death, yesterday, of former State Senator Sam Cataldo in an auto accident, on his way to a School Board meeting in his home town of Farmington, NH. … Continue reading

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Whereupon NH State Senator Jeff Woodburn does a double…

In a piece about banning bump stocks (SB 492-FN), the Senate Minority Leader shows two things; can you guess what they are from this snippet” |Read More at Granitegrok.com

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The Paint Tax is back: Bad ideas never die

Last week, the Senate Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on Sen. Lou D’Allesandro’s attempt to revive the ill-fated Canoe Tax. Today, the Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee is scheduled to take up Feltes’ bill tp bring back … Continue reading

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NH Senate puts proposed CDFA tax credit increase on hold

The NH Senate has sent to study a proposal to increase the limit on contributions through the Community Development Finance Authority to $6 million. | Keep Reading at NHBR

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Gericke to take on D’Allesandro again for state senate seat

MANCHESTER — Republican Carla Gericke has announced that she will again challenge Democratic State Sen. Lou D’Allesandro for the District 20 Senate seat he’s held for 10 terms. Gericke lost with 40 percent of the vote to D’Allesdandro’s 60 percent … Continue reading

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NH Senate shoots down targeted business tax breaks

New Hampshire businesses shouldn’t expect any targeted tax breaks this session. That, at least, is the conclusion most people would come to after the NH Senate dismissed four of them on Wednesday. | Keep Reading at NHBR

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