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We Will Never Win the Culture War if We Give Them an Unimpeded Run of the Field

Nature abhors a vacuum so if we don’t make a case for constitutional conservatism and conservatarianism in New Hampshire someone else might. And that might not be constitutional conservatism at all. | More… | GraniteGrok

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Media Noise Ignored

“They want politics to be going on everywhere all the time”, what does that remind you of? Safe spaces? Trigger words? Firing an employee for views not held by a company? Shouting down and silencing people whose view are not … Continue reading

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The (New Public School) Lord’s Prayer

This is credited to a 15-year-old school kid who got an A+ for this entry. Because the Lord’s Prayer is not allowed in most U.S. Public schools any more a kid in Minnesota wrote the following NEW School Prayer: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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UNH “has a huge problem that manifests itself in every facet of university life”

On Friday, May 12, I received a message in the Hillel executive board group chat that was, to say the least, unsettling. It was a screenshot of a two-paragraph email from Hall Director Kaleigh Sosa explaining that “swastika drawings were … Continue reading

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Democrats ARE the ‘Rape Culture’ in New Hampshire

Today, New Hampshire Democrats and their far left wing extremist (paid) supporters are claiming that Republicans promote the ‘rape culture.’ This is extremely ironic since it’s New Hampshire Democrats who supported Bill Clinton who was not only accused of rape … Continue reading

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The Implosion Of Another Left Wing ‘Institution’

NPR is dodging bullets at a time when it was already facing an uphill battle to justify continued taxpayer funding. So having an executive expose the network culture on hidden video is the last thing they needed. And while NPR runs duck and cover, pointing out that the guy was quitting anyway, they didn’t seem to have anything to say about the other NPR exec at the table until she “quit.” Continue reading

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Blog Round Up 1-1-2011

Here are a few posts from the past week to take a peek at…   Ancient Chinese Secret In an amusing week for Carol Shea-Porter, in which she almost sounded McCarthyesque in her suspicions of Chinese communist cash infiltrations into … Continue reading

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