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Fair weather free speech

Now, this also means that people who have different opinions than you can also do the same, and truthfully, you can’t get mad about it. You can disagree with them about their political views, you can think they are the … Continue reading

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Chuck Todd: Towering Constitutional Ignoramus

This is what you get when you hire a Democrat operative to be a “news” anchor: a smug, self-righteous ignoramus. Here he is haughtily sneering at the next Alabama Senator Roy Moore by stating that, “He doesn’t appear to believe … Continue reading

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Father of the Constitution Blacklisted in Dallas on Eve of Constitution Day

On Saturday night, the evening before Constitution Day Sunday, a member of the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees released a list of schools whose names should be reconsidered because of their association with the Confederacy or dark … Continue reading

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State constitutional law comes to life in New Hampshire

Does New Hampshire state constitutional law constrain the actions of federal law enforcement agents who make arrests in New Hampshire? This important question has been raised in a more nuanced way by the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union in recent … Continue reading

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New study shows how Educational Savings Accounts are constitutional in NH

CONCORD —A legal review by the Institute for Justice, done in conjunction with the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, shows that Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) are constitutional under both the New Hampshire and United States constitutions. “There is no … Continue reading

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Politician reacts to Constitution question with “We’re all done sir”

‘ An NH state rep is involved with one or more of the govt’s transportation institutions. He continues responding to my question about what if anything he’s doing to help the Feds stop interfering with transportation. | RidleyReport

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Camp Constitution Wont Be Returning to Rindge in 2018

Camp Constitution, the conservative camp for kids which featured a “climate realist” as a speaker this year, won’t return to its Rindge site in 2018. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which owns the Toah Nipi Retreat Center, contacted Camp Constitution Executive Director … Continue reading

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Gun Control

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Appellate Court Prohibits Legislative Meetings from Opening with Invocation by Government Officials

RICHMOND, VA—Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit decided 10-5 to prohibit First Liberty Institute clients, Rowan County, NC,  Commissioners, from opening commission meetings with an invocation by government officials. This decision comes three years after … Continue reading

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NH Primary Source: Douglas says special legislative session needs two-thirds supermajority vote

It’s a moot point – at least for the moment. But for the record, former state Supreme Court associate justice Chuck Douglas has officially opined that a two-thirds majority of the New Hampshire House and Senate would be required to … Continue reading

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