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Reciprocating Disagreement

In New Hampshire, there is a so-called right of a non-resident to vote in our state, while keeping an out-of-state driver’s license. That unconstitutional right, Guare v. NH, has never been established in any law enacted by the NH Legislature, … Continue reading

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Victims’ Rights Enhance the Power of the State at the Expense of the Accused.

The focus of Marsy’s Law on providing victims’ rights against the accused (and in support of the government’s prosecutorial power) runs contrary to the whole notion of why the Bill of Rights was enshrined in the New Hampshire Constitution over two … Continue reading

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Top-5 Myths about the Constitution

What are the most common myths about the Constitution? From the necessary and proper, general Welfare and commerce clauses, to the preamble, federal “supremacy” and more – there are a lot to choose from. The hardest part about putting this … Continue reading

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State constitutional law comes to life in New Hampshire

Does New Hampshire state constitutional law constrain the actions of federal law enforcement agents who make arrests in New Hampshire? This important question has been raised in a more nuanced way by the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union in recent … Continue reading

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Politician reacts to Constitution question with “We’re all done sir”

‘ An NH state rep is involved with one or more of the govt’s transportation institutions. He continues responding to my question about what if anything he’s doing to help the Feds stop interfering with transportation. | RidleyReport

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D.I.C.E.D. – The UN’s Environmental Constitution For The World

Certain factions here and abroad have been pushing for an Article V Convention which would open up the US Constitution to ‘changes’. What those changes would entail is anyone’s guess, but here is something you might expect many of those … Continue reading

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Why do The Left (and Progressive Republicans) HATE Free Speech?

Former chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission Ann Ravel recently spoke at an event at UC Berkeley titled “Future of Democracy” where she discussed the possible need for regulating political speech and ads on social media. More… | GraniteGrok Get … Continue reading

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