“Racist” is the new “Witch”

They dressed me up like this,” she says, pointing at the angry mob. “And this isn’t my nose; it’s a false one.” “Well we did do the nose,” says one villager… “and the hat. But she is a witch.” Sir Bedemir asks them point blank: “Did you dress her up like this?” The crowd answers: “No, no… no … well… yes.  Yes, yes, a bit, a bit.” It’s obvious after all that the mob has no interest in facts. They are determined to burn a witch.

Fast forward to 2017. Steve Bannon comes to Manchester, New Hampshire to give a speech at a fundraising dinner for the 603 Alliance – a local group that aims to restore Constitutional values in government. As soon as the event is announced, the village mob swings into action on social media. | More at GraniteGrok.com

About Steve Mac Donald

Husband, Dad, Dog Lover, Blogger, (sometimes) Radio Co-Host, Free Speech Facilitator, Climate Denier, Gun Owner, info-junkie, ...
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