Erika Connors Doesn’t Want Manchester Residents Protecting Themselves

The NH Democrat Party sent out a flier last week that clearly shows Erika Connors is against Manchester residents protecting themselves while practicing their 2nd Amendment rights. MacArthur Jr. is not only one of the best firearms instructors in the State of New Hampshire, but he trains women on a regular basis so that they too are able to defend themselves and their families. Clearly, Connors doesn’t believe women (or anyone) should have this ability or right. | Read More at NH Political Buzz

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2 Responses to Erika Connors Doesn’t Want Manchester Residents Protecting Themselves

  1. Garett P Mapes says:

    Erika Connors, you’re a MORON!!!!!
    Take off those rose cored glass”s that Bloomberg and the rest of the dumb ass false do goodies have on.
    Oh Wait, that’s right, you can protect yourself but the rest of society can’t.
    Let me guess, you’re a “Hope and Change” idiot, should have known.
    You’re a Political Puppet, anyone who is willing to pay you the money, you’ll do favors for.
    Stuff you like a turkey, gobble ,gobble.

  2. Garett P Mapes says:

    One more thing, Did you tell the criminal that killed the citizen he couldn’t have the gun, the terrorist that killed a dozen people he couldn’t have hi’s or how about the cop killer he was to obey the “Gun Free Zone” signs.
    A gun in hand and a dead perp is better than having a dispatcher on the phone and letting them heat you dying.

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